Young Scientist / Engineer Award

I have taught Alex science since September and during this time come to recognise him an individual with a genuine interest, flare and enthusiasm for science. Both in and out of school he immerses himself in the subject, which has resulted in him gaining wide ranging scientific knowledge, which he uses to ask me challenging questions on a regular basis!

Alex displayed outstanding resilience and achievement in science during a recent educational experience at ‘Operating Theatre Live’. Despite the vast majority of the other 50 plus course participants being incredibly academic Y11 & 12 students, with most wishing to apply for medical school, Alex had the confidence and scientific knowledge to answer many of the questions posed to the whole group. Also on the day, Alex successfully undertook several medical procedures and undertook dissections of the brain, eyes, heart and digestive system.

I was incredibly proud that Alex was able to shine and display his ability in such an academic environment, displaying knowledge well beyond his years. He is one of the most positive and enthusiastic students I have ever known. I therefore feel that Alex should be considered for the Young Scientist of the Year Award.

Mrs A Nicholson