Secondary School of the year Award 2019

Sometimes the richness and quality of a great school are hidden beneath the headlines of GCSE results and Government league tables. Not that Standish does badly in either of those fronts. The class of 2018 did not let the school down, becoming the highest attaining cohort in Wigan with some phenomenal GCSE results. Individual performances that contributed to that achievement were also remarkable across the ability range, with two students actually achieving grade 9s in every subject that they took.

This ongoing success means that Standish students are in high demand by local colleges, local businesses and local apprenticeship providers. In fact 97% of this cohort got on their first choice pathway post 16. The strength of English and Maths results remains a bedrock from which the school’s successes all stem, giving students a sure foundation on which to build their hopes and dreams with 85% achieving grades 9-4 in English and Maths. This clearly demonstrates how the school’s inclusive approach allows all students to engage in lessons and thrive. Maybe the school’s ability to allow students “to believe that they can be better than what they think they are” is typified by the 28% of students who achieved an amazing 9-7 grades in English and Maths.

Scratch beneath the surface even further and one realises that it isn’t just about exams. The responsible and articulate young people that leave Standish age 16, are testament to a rounded and inclusive education that encourages reading, creativity, teamwork and high aspirations from day one of Y7. This is enhanced by a rich extra-curricular programme that invigorates the curriculum and gives students the possibility of seeing and doing things beyond their dreams, including international visits. In addition to this the sports teams go from strength to strength and this year’s Drama production of “The Wizard of Oz” was deemed to be the best ever show, by everyone who saw it!!

The new “Futures & Destinations” team are bringing work related skills into the lives of Standish students and connecting them to the world of work in new and exciting ways. George Williams the ex-school rugby team captain is now a well-established Rugby League international and ex-Head Boy Max Holcroft is on his way to Cambridge to study medicine. Both are great examples of former students honing their skills to achieve remarkable success beyond the confines of SCHS.

Schools serve the community in which they are located and SCHS is no different. Society faces huge issues at the moment and SCHS “Pastoral and Student Services” continues to be at the forefront of providing wrap-around support for students who need that little bit of extra help. Our own charity programme has raised nearly £6000 this academic year, for worthy causes locally and nationally.

The school of the year award isn’t just about the results….. it goes much deeper than that! Standish “goes all the way” and has proven once again to have the right combination in focusing on the importance of character in an individual, as the key to developing outstanding young people!