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Parents’ Evening Booking System
Parents’ Eveining Booking System Guide

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Please accept this cordial invitation to the Year 8 Parents’ Evening to be held on Thursday 8th March 2018. Staff consultations will begin at 1600hrs in the Sports Hall area.

I hope that you will be able to attend this very important evening in order to discuss your daughter/son’s progress and future development with members of staff.

Students are not required to attend, but if they choose to attend and are in school uniform, it must be worn smartly and correctly.

To make the booking of appointments more straightforward and efficient, bookings can now be made online using our Parents’ Evening Booking System. I have enclosed a guide on how the system works. The system will open for bookings on Thursday 15th February at 0900hrs and close on Wednesday 7th March at 1500hrs, so please ensure you make your bookings during this period.

The use of an online system means you can directly book appointments with your daughter/son’s teachers and get an email confirmation of appointments, make changes to appointments and note any issues you wish to discuss. If you do not have access to the internet, you can still make appointments by contacting Mrs M Grainger on the main school number.

As this is the first time we are using the online booking system we may encounter some teething problems. If any issues arise then please email or contact Mrs M Grainger.

If you are unable to attend it is important that you let us know, via the system, by clicking on the I’m unable to attend link.

Parents’ Evening Booking System
Parents’ Eveining Booking System Guide