Staff List

Last updated 20/09/2019

The Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Mr A. Pollard

Head of School: Mrs L. Barker

Senior Deputy Headteacher: Mr J. Miller

Deputy Headteacher: Mr S. Peters

Director of Quality Assurance: Mr M. Heron

Assistant Headteachers:

  • Mr P. Blakemore
  • Mrs M. Collier
  • Mrs J. Roberts
  • Mr N. Walker

School Business and Finance Manager: Mrs K. Johnson

Extended Leadership Team:

  • Mr G. Billington (Lead Practitioner)
  • Mrs A. Nicholson (Lead Practitioner)
The English Department

Head of Subject: Mrs V. Christopherson

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr P. Blakemore (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr C. Byron
  • Mrs J. Coleman-Brown
  • Miss A. Fazackerley
  • Mr A. Grundy
  • Mrs R. Hendley
  • Miss L. Hill (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs F. Nicholson
  • Mrs M. Rowe
  • Mrs R. Thomson
  • Ms C. Warren
  • Mrs C. Welsby
The Mathematics Department

Head of Subject: Mr P. Murphy

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs M. Collier (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Miss M. Clayton-Clarke
  • Ms R. Fletcher
  • Mr M. Gaskell
  • Miss K. Henderson
  • Mrs L. Heron
  • Mr D. Prout (Futures Director)
  • Mrs J. Roberts  (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ms M. Wilkinson
  • Ms P. Winstanley (2nd in Department)
The Science Department

Head of Subject: Mr J. Prior

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr S. Balan
  • Mrs E. Banks
  • Mr D. Brown (2nd in Department)
  • Mr I. Davies (3rd in Department)
  • Mr M. Davies
  • Mrs S. Fisher
  • Mr S. Gallagher
  • Miss L. Griffiths
  • Mr L. Jackson
  • Mrs A. Nicholson (Lead Practitioner)
  • Mrs N. Parfitt
  • Mr N. Walker (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ms L. Walsh
  • Mrs S. Whyte
The Art Department
Head of Subject: Mr M Aitchison

Teaching Staff:

  • Ms C. Cleary
  • Mrs J. Della Cerra
  • Mrs R. Houghton
The Computer Science Department

Head of Subject: Mr C. Doran

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs G. Hill
  • Miss S. Zaynab
The Design and Technology Department
Head of Subject: Mr M. Malone

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs R. Aitchison (3rd in Department)
  • Mr G. Billington (Lead Practitioner T&L)
  • Mrs J. Fisher
  • Mrs R. Turner (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs P. McDermott
  • Mr S. Peters (Deputy Headteacher)
The Drama Department
Head of Subject: Miss K. Gannon

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs C. Heald
The Health and Social Care Department
Head of Subject: Mrs K. Johnson

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs S. Murray (Assistant Headteacher)
The Humanities Department

Head of Subject for Humanities: Mr N. Brien


Head of Subject: Mr N. Brien

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr C. Crosbie
  • Miss S. Hale
  • Miss R. Reardon


Head of Subject for KS3: Mrs C. Magleave

Head of Subject for KS4: Mr A. Grant

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr M. Heron (Director of Quality Assurance)
  • Mr S. Johnston-Cree
  • Mr N. Owen

Religious Education

Head of Subject: Mrs C. Jones

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs S. Calidcott
  • Mrs C. Magleave
  • Mrs L. Niven
The Media Studies Department
Head of Subject: Mr A. Grundy

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr C. Byron
The Modern Foreign Languages Department
Head of Subject: Ms M. Simms-Crewe

Teaching Staff:

  • Miss J. Brass (2nd in Department)
  • Miss A. Foy
  • Mrs J. Lea
  • Ms S. Dickinson
  • Mrs D. Miller (Part-time MFL – Outreach work)
  • Mr J. Miller (Senior Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs C. Morris
The Music Department

Teaching Staff:

  • Mrs B. Watson
  • Ms E. Holland
The Physical Education Department
Head of Subject: Mr G. Stazicker

Teaching Staff:

  • Mr I. Barker (Future Destinations Coordinator)
  • Mrs K. Johnson
  • Mr M. Devine
  • Mrs M. Duffy (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs N. Pilkington (Future Learning coordinator)
The Pastoral Team

Year 7: Mr P. Burrows

Year 8: Mr D. Heavey

Year 9: Mrs A. Kelly

Year 10: Mrs G. Wright

Year 11: Mr D. Morgan

The Student Services Department

Assistant Headteacher i/c of Pupil Premium and SEND: 

Higher Learning Support Assistants

  • Ms J. Ackers
  • Mrs A. Goodwin
  • Mrs C.Hatton
  • Mrs N. Lawrence

Learning Support Assistants (Level 3)

  • Mrs E. Ellison
  • Mrs N. Hull
  • Mrs M. Walker
  • Mr P. West

Learning Support Assistants (Level 2)

  • Mrs D. Fairhurst
  • Miss J. Fairhurst
  • Mrs D. Hickman
  • Mrs L. Littlefair
  • Ms K. Mitchell
  • Miss E. Murphy
  • Mr J. O’Brien
  • Mrs L. Taylor
  • Ms A. Wilding

Head of Subject for PSHEE and Citizenship at Key Stage 3, Work Related Learning at Key Stage 4: Mrs C. Jones

The Support Staff

Miss A. Unsworth – Admin Support Assistant

Mrs D. Roughley – Admin Support Assistant

Mrs P. Spiers – Admin Support Assistant

Miss A. Quinn – Admin Support Assistant

Mrs. H Logue – Assistant School Business & Finance Manager

Miss K. Aspey – Attendance Manager

Mrs I. Campbell – Cover/Exams Manager

Ms J. Aylward – Cover Supervisor

Mrs N. Rollins – Cover Supervisor

Mrs H. Sherratt – Cover Supervisor

Mrs L. Aitchison – Data Manager

Mr G. Tiller – Facilities Manager

Mr S. Aspinall – Finance Officer

Miss M. Johns – HR Officer

Mr C. Moore – ICT Technical Apprentice

Mrs K. Charnock -Librarian

Mr B. McLoughlin – Network Manager

Mr M. Ravenscroft – Network Support Engineer

Mrs J. Preston – PA/SLT Admin

Miss E. Hall – KS3 Admin Support

Mrs K. Gaskell – KS4 Admin Support

Mrs R. Carter – Pastoral/Community Support

Mrs R. Murray – Pastoral/Community Support

Mrs S. Hill – Reprographic Officer

Mrs J. Yates – Senior Admin Support Officer

Mr C. Donnelly – Site Management Team

Mr D. Johnson – Site Management Team

Mr S. Waite – Site Management Team

Mrs D. Rostron – Technician (Science)

Mr M. Mackenzie – Technician (Technology)

Mid Day Supervisory Staff

  • C. Birchall
  • Y. Dawber
  • L. Dolan
  • S. Farrell
  • S. Frail
  • S. Gregory
  • T. Jackson
  • P. Melling
  • L. Turner

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