Parent Governor Elections for Standish High School – 2018


Governor Nominations

The Local Governing Body (LGB) at Standish High School has vacancies for two parent governors.  This letter is an invitation to interested parents to put their names forward for these positions.

The LGB has positions for 2 parent governors who are elected by the parents of pupils at the school.  The term of office of such governors is a maximum of 4 years or until such time as they no longer have a child who is a pupil at the school.

Whilst any parent is entitled to put their names forward for election, the LGB would benefit from people with

  • practical experience in respect of Health and Safety legislation
  • a legal background

Anyone appointed to be a member of the Local Governing Body will be subject to a full disclosure under the Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS).

Application timetable

The timetable for appointments is as follows:

  • Nominations closing date – 9th November
  • Elections if needed – from 12th – 15th November
  • Election count – Friday 16th November


Application process

Interested parents are invited to submit their names along with a photograph and an address of no more than 250 words setting out why they feel competent/appropriate/would wish to to undertake this role (statements longer than 250 words will be cut off at this number, as measured by Microsoft Word).  This information should be sent to

Mrs J Preston at Standish High School – to arrive by 12 noon on 9/11/2018.

If you would like to discuss the role in advance of putting your name forward please contact the Chair of the LGB, Mr Adrian Hardy at to arrange a convenient time for a phone conversation.

If there are more candidates than places the school will organise a ballot of parents, with one ballot per pupil being sent out to parents; the candidate’s submissions will be available on the school website.

Ballot papers will be issued on 12th November to each pupil and should be returned in a sealed envelope to school by 10 am on 16th November.

The votes will be counted at 15.30 on 16th November at school.  The two candidates with the most votes will be deemed elected to the vacant positions.  In the event of a tie lots will be drawn.  Candidates will be invited to be present at the count.

The outcome of the election will be notified on the school website.


Obligations on governors

Governors are expected to attend the Full Governing Body meetings (4 per year) and also the Curriculum Committee Meetings (4 per year) in order to understand the activities being undertaken at school and contribute in to discussion.

Governors will be expected to undertake training in their role, by participating in a 3-session course being held in March 2019.  Safeguarding training for governors is also obligatory, this training is also available in March 2019.

Dates of LGB meetings in 2018/19

Full Governing Body – Wednesdays at 18.00 at Standish High School

21/11/2018;  6/3/2019;  19/6/2019

Curriculum Committee – Wednesdays at 18.00 at Standish High School

6/2/2019;  8/5/2019

The role of the Local Governing Body

Standish High School is an academy within the Mosaic Multi-Academy Trust.  As such it is governed by the Board of the Mosaic Academy Trust, by whom certain roles are delegated to each Local Governing Body (LGB).  The Scheme of Delegation is reviewed each year by the Trust Board and can be found on their website at

As set out in the Trust Business Plan, the purpose of the Local Governing Body is to monitor and receive reports on progress being made to achieve the targets and comply with the policies and procedures set in the Mosaic MAT School Development Plan, including;

  • student progress, outcomes and the curriculum,
  • academy leadership, staffing and performance management;
  • the quality of teaching and learning;
  • the academy budget;
  • pastoral work including attendance, behaviour and safeguarding;
  • academy marketing and events, and
  • the use and condition of the academy buildings and infrastructure.

Local Governing Body membership will include the Headteacher, a Chair nominated by the Trustees, 2 elected parent representatives, 2 elected staff members and such other co-opted members as the Trust Board shall agree.

Expenses: Governors may receive out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of fulfilling their role as governor and NGA recommends that a governing board should have such an expenses policy. Payments can cover incidental expenses, such as travel and childcare, but not loss of earnings.