Our Governors

The Role of the Governor

The role of the school governor is wide ranging but essentially is concerned with the strategic direction of the school, the appointment of key staff and the financial security of the school. The attached document, which is intended for new governors, gives a range of background information on the respective roles of governors and staff, in particular, the head teacher. There are a number of hyperlinks within it which will give you access to other sources of information which will be more detailed.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor at Standish please contact the Chair of the Governors who will be able to explain to you what vacancies are likely to arise.

If you are interested in becoming a governor at other schools in Wigan, please contact the council’s Governor Services team via the Wigan Council website.

Meet Our Governors

All governors can be contacted via Standish Community High School at 01257 422 265. Any written correspondence should be addressed to them at the school.


  • Adrian Hardy

Executive Headteacher

  • Andrew Pollard

Parent Governors

  • Kate Sutton
  • Jason Swift

Staff Governor

Co-opted Governors

  • Gillian Baker
  • Sarah Djali
  • Rev. Andrew Holliday
  • Michael Humphreys CBE
  • Philip Hurst
  • Michele Lawty-Jones

SCHS Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation 2018

Governors’ Pen Portraits

Governors have been invited to share some brief profile of themselves with parents via the website so that parents have an understanding of the governors’ backgrounds and interests.

Sarah Djali, Co-opted Governor

I have been a parent governor for a year and a Standish High parent for 7 years. I have children in Years 10 and 7 and my eldest has finished school and is now at college.

I am a librarian and worked in the local library service across the Borough for over 10 years until the combination of school and childcare became too problematic. Since then I have regularly helped out at Wood Fold primary school and otherwise spend my time trying to organise my home and family.

Adrian Hardy, Chairperson

I am Adrian Hardy – Chair of the Governors since 2004, a member of the governing body since 1995. My two daughters attended Standish High School. I have been proud to be associated with the school, notably over the last decade in which I have led the appointment process for both Lynne Fox and Hugh Crossan, headteachers who have led the school to achieve its current outstanding exam results. I am also chair of the governors at a primary school in Leigh, and was chair at Pembec prior to its closure in 2011. I see my role as Chair being an enabling one, assisting each member of the governing body to play as full a part as their time commitments allow, and working in support of the Head and the Senior Leadership Team whilst also providing robust questioning of their work in the school so that we can be seen to discharge the role that Ofsted has placed upon us.

I have worked in Wigan for 35 years and been retired for the last six, which has enabled me to spend more time in my role as a governor. I originate from Gloucester but have lived in Standish for 33 years now and in the Wigan area for 40 years.

Rev. Andrew Holliday, Co-opted Governor

I am Andrew Holliday, Rector of St Wilfrid’s Church here in Standish. I have been in post for nearly two years. I have had the enormous privilege of being a member of the Governing Body of Standish High since arriving in the post as Rector. In the time that I have known the school, I have seen it continue growing from strength to strength, the results for this year reflect that growth which is the hard work of the Team led by Lynne. I am a Governor of our own St Wilfrid’s Church of England School, which recently gained Academy status. As a school governor I am passionate about the role we have in providing the very best for all our young people, therefore, the responsibility is ours together. I am married to Vanessa who works in Blackpool.


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