Information for Candidates

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) provides information which is intended for all candidates undertaking any formal qualifications in the UK. The rules outlined in these documents are set by the JCQ on behalf of the 7 largest providers of qualifications in the UK. Standish Community High School strictly adheres to the rules; we highly advise students familiarise themselves with them so as not to jeopardise their grades. The guidance provided by the JCQ gives students a clear indication of what is proper conduct with regards to written exams, coursework and other forms of assessment as well as how certain behaviour on social media may have a negative outcome.


Exams timetable for Jan – April 2020

Exam Policies

B TEC Exam Policy

BTEC Registration and Certification Policy

BTEC Malpractice Policy

JCQ Good Practice Exam Policy’s

GP – 1, 3, 4,5,6,7,9,10 & 11 SCHS Exams policy

GP – 2 SCHS Word Processor Policy

JCQ Meeting Requirements Exams Policy’s

MR – 1 SCHS Exam contingency plan

MR – 2a & b SCHS Internal appeals procedures

MR – 3 SCHS Non-examination assessment policy

MR – 4 SCHS Emergency Evacuation

MR – 5 SCHS Word Prosessor Statement

MR – 6 SCHS Complaints and appeals procedure

MR – 7 SCHS Procedures to verify candidates plan

MR – 8 SCHS Access to Scripts Enquiries about results

MR 9 SCHS Process to check Assessors Qualifications

MR – 10 SCHS Safegaurding & Child Protection

MR – 11 SCHS Date Protection Policy

MR – 12 SCHS-Disability-Awareness