Year 11 Revision

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Get Revising

Click here to go to the Get Revising website.

Get Revising has been created to help students learn. Its aim is to involve students actively in their own learning and to provide an outlet for their creativity and helpfulness. It does this by providing interactive tools to plan revision and make revision notes. It also provides a resource bank where notes and resources can be shared.

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Computer Science

Design and Technology


Health and Social Care



Modern Foreign Languages


Kerboodle: Both your username and password are your first initial followed by your surname e.g. jsmith. Ask your teacher for the organisation code. Your assessments will be allocated, but you can do any exercise from the digi book at home.

This is Language: Log in with your school email address and the password provided by your teacher. You can log on and do any video and look at past papers (log in and search) from home, not just in school.

Memrise: You need to make an account yourself to access this (it’s free to do so). Once you have created an account and logged in, type “GCSE Spanish” into the search box and from there click “AQA”. There should be plenty of vocabulary there for you to learn.

BBC Bitesize: Any of the Spanish revision exercises will be useful.

Linguascope: Log in with the login details provided by your teacher. Linguascope is especially great for the basics like numbers, days, months, food, colours etc.

Physical Education

Religious Education

Revision Resources

  • Unit 1 Revision – includes booklets and presentations on:
    • Believing in God
    • Marriage and Family Life
    • Matters of Life and Death
    • Religion and Community Cohesion
  • Unit 8 Revision – includes booklets and presentations on:
    • Crime and Punishment
    • Environmental and Medical Issues
    • Peace and Conflict
    • Rights and Responsibilities

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