Media Studies


Media Studies at Standish Community has the intent to ensure that every student understands that the media play a central role in contemporary society and culture. The curriculum intends to ensure that students learn that the media shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer. Students will understand that the media have real relevance and importance in our lives today, providing us with ways to communicate, with forms of cultural expression and the ability to participate in key aspects of society. They will also develop an awareness of the economic importance of the media as well as an understanding of key British values (for example, through study of British newspapers and key issues of the day such as immigration and membership of the EU). Furthermore, they will develop an understanding of the ways in which media industries employ large numbers of people worldwide and operate as commercial industries on a global scale.

At Standish Community High School, the Media Studies department has an intent to ensure all students are given the opportunity to study a rich and engaging curriculum which includes readings of a range of academic theories on the media. The curriculum will also provide extra-curricular opportunities to visit key media institutions with the aim of broadening every students’ understanding of the valuable role the media plays in our society. The curriculum also intends to ensure that students learn the key transferable skills of presenting an argument using sustained lines of reasoning; it intends to develop their skills of communication and comprehension, including their understanding of key terminology and vocabulary, which supports the development of their English Language skills. Students will be challenged to think differently by being exposed to different ways of thinking (using academic theories such as deconstruction and feminism) and thereby help them feel outstanding in their approach to learning about the media. Overall, the Media Studies programme aims to ensure students study the media in an in-depth way in order to help them achieve mastery over the topics they encounter.

Media Studies

Media Studies is taught by English teachers at Standish Community High School.  It allows students to develop many relevant skills and engage in many exciting activities: this includes both theoretical and practical tasks.  In addition to this, it provides students with the opportunity to further develop their English Language skills which is highly beneficial in helping them prepare for their Media Studies and English exams.  The course provides students the opportunity to:

  • Analyse and create their own newspapers and magazines (an important English skill)
  • Analyse and produce their own video games
  • Analyse and produce their own music videos
  • Analyse television genres, for example, Luther (BBC)
  • Explore film marketing, for example, the James Bond Franchise
  • Produce their own print advertisements
  • Create their own CD covers and magazines
  • Develop their photography skills
  • Develop their understanding and use of Photoshop
  • Develop their ICT skills by creating and editing images, having the use on Apple Mac computers and a range of media technology
  • Have the opportunity to broadcast on the school radio


The media plays an increasingly important role in modern society.  It provides us with information and entertainment and communicates social values.  Many of our students study Media Studies at A Level and secure careers in broadcasting, advertising and journalism.  As well as this, a qualification in Media Studies can also contribute to study of English in further education. The demand to develop sustained lines of reasoning from varied theoretical points of view is also an important skill which allows students to develop an understanding of how to communicate and persuade effectively. Finally, the emphasis on developing creative skills through the production of a wide range of media texts using the most up to date technology (including Windows, Apple Macs and Photoshop) makes Media Studies a very rewarding subject to study.

Scheme of Assessment


One Controlled Assessment Task – 30%

  • Production Task (creating your own magazine)
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Production Piece
  • Evaluation


Written Examination

  • Component One (40%) – Exploring Media Language and Representation
  • Newspapers and current affairs
  • Radio
  • Advertising
  • Video games
  • Magazines
  • Film Posters and Marketing (James Bond)
  • Component Two (30%) – Understanding Media Forms and Products
  • Television genre – Crime Drama and Sitcom (Luther and The Sweeney)
  • Music Videos (Pharrell Williams and Taylor Swift)


Subject content

The aims and assessment objectives of the syllabus will be achieved through the study of the following four broad and interrelated areas:

  • Genre and Narrative
  • Representations in the Media
  • Media Organisations and Industry
  • Media Audiences