The mathematics department teaches all students across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The students are taught to deal with four key areas: number, algebra, shape and space, data handling. There is also an increased emphasis on problem solving.

The ablest students are also given the opportunity to enter several national ‘Maths Challenges’. We have experienced considerable success both locally and regionally with a number of outstanding mathematicians in school.

Key Stage 3

  • Key Stage 3 is made up of Year 7 and Year 8.
  • Students have 3 x 1 hour lessons every week.
  • A typical maths lesson will consist of a settler activity as students enter the room followed by a variety of tasks including PowerPoint presentations, loop games, jigsaws, treasure hunts, bingo or differentiated worksheets.

Maths Ambassadors

  • Students are selected from Years 8 through 10 to act as Maths Ambassadors.
  • The role of the Maths Ambassador is to help other students during the numeracy activities which take place in registration once per week. They also assist the form teacher in the administration of these tasks.
  • They also contribute to the cross-curricular teaching of mathematics, ensuring topics are taught using our ‘common approaches’ in order to aid the consistency throughout the school.

Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

GCSE Course Details

  • The GCSE Mathematics course is 100% exam.
  • It is examined over 3 papers, each one 1.5hrs long. Paper 1 is non calculator, and Paper 2 & 3 are calculator.
  • There are two tiers offered:
    • Higher tier – Grade 9 – 4
    • Foundation tier – Grade 5 – 1
  • The exam board used is Edexcel and the examination takes place at the end of the course in Year 11.

Revision Opportunities

Year 7-10 Revision
Year 11 Revision
Students can log into a variety of revision websites from the maths section of the students tab. The websites we subscribe to are Method Maths, MathsWatch and Hegarty Maths.

Maths Ambassadors – Peer Mentors

  • Year 11 to act as Maths Ambassadors.
  • The role of the Maths Ambassador is to help their peers to revise areas of Maths that they may be struggling with.
  • They also contribute to the cross-curricular teaching of Mathematics, ensuring topics are taught using our ‘common approaches’ in order to aid consistency throughout the school.

Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Map

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum Map

Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum Map

Guides to Maths eLearning

    In order to maximise progress and achievement in maths it is essential that students revise by
    practising questions.
    The main revision tools we would recommend are Hegarty Maths and Mathswatch.
    1. Hegarty Maths contains all the maths skills required for GCSE content. Each skill has a video
    and linked questions to complete. There is also a personalised ‘Fix up 5’ section for every
    student. We would recommend that each student spends at least one hour per week
    completing independent activities throughout the year, but obviously this should increase in
    the build up to the mock exams.
    2. Mathswatch is a collection of tutorial videos designed for revision, with accompanying
    resources. Resources can be accessed from the school website, along with a complete list of
    content. To access these programmes, please see below.
    Hegarty Maths: student date of birth and usual password
    Mathswatch: username@standishchs and usual password

  • Using HegartyMaths
  • Using Method Maths
  • Using PiXL Maths

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