Futures (Transition & Careers)


About Us

Welcome to our new ‘Futures Team’ here at Standish Community High School, our futures team is here to inspire, energise, support and guide our student’s throughout their time at Standish.

The futures team has two dimensions, Transition, where our aim is to support the physical and emotional change from primary into high school life, and Destinations, with the sole purpose to advise, guide and provide unlimited opportunities to help our young people make an informed decision on their futures, the sky is their limit.

The ‘Futures team’ consists of Mr D Prout (Futures Director) and Mrs N Pilkington (Learning Coordinator). Support by Assistant Headteacher, Mrs M Collier.


Meet The Futures Team


Mr Prout

Mr Prout’s has first-hand experience working with major global industries, after working for the ‘Bank of New York Mellon’ for 6 years.  Having worked in the client services department he has seen first-hand the importance of a good education plus the confidence to show character and personality to support progress with a variety of career sectors. This all rounded character is at the forefront of Mr Prout’s thinking, transferring his experiences to enable him to inspire and engage the next generation on their own career pathway. 
Mr Prout has a passion for bringing a fresh new innovative careers programme and embedding this into the student’s curriculum. Highlighting the importance around personal progression, following interests, passions along with academic success.  At the forefront of this vision, Mr Prout will endeavour to deliver a broad careers diet to our students so they realise the opportunities are endless.  At Standish the ‘Sky is the Limit’.

Mrs Pilkington

With a background in hospitality Mrs Pilkington has the expertise to deliver the desired outcome in all areas. She has a shared vision, to create the most effective and streamlined transition for our young children, making sure their emotional and physical requirements are met throughout the transition process.

As part of a school continually striving to be outstanding, Mrs Pilkington has taken accountability in making sure this is the best experience for all students from day one.

Mrs Collier

Mrs Collier is an experienced educational professional who has always been a pioneer in the sector she has been working in, having worked in the educational sector for over 15 years, her career has transformed from teaching of Mathematics to share her skills and experience as a lead practitioner into her current role as assistant head teacher. Mrs Collier currently manages the Futures Team, has responsibility for Teacher Training (ITT), NQT training and coaching, parental involvement and engagement and student council.

As the government focus on target areas within the educational sector, not only on the academic progress of students but the personal and social wellbeing and improvement. Mrs Collier is at the forefront of these statutory changes at Standish CHS, working closely with her teams to make sure the desired outcomes, support and improvements of all students are met.

Mr Markland

Mr Markland is extremely passionate about raising aspirations for pupils to fulfil their true potential. He has delivered many employability training and confidence building programmes, helping individuals identify and transform any limiting beliefs into feeling empowered to overcome their perceived barriers on their pathway to career success.

He offers information, advice and guidance around all post 16 destinations such as college, university, apprenticeships and employment. His vision for all pupils is to raise aspirations so they reach their full potential, to support each pupil in gaining clarity over their situation and explore all the viable options for their chosen career pathway. He aims for all pupils to leave school feeling happy and confident within themselves and their future plans.


Futures Calendar


Events for 2019 Date
Welcome to KS4 Evening Y10/11 Thursday 12 September
Year 7 Transition Enterprise Day Monday 30 September
Winstanley Leadership Day Y11 Tuesday 1 October
SCHS Open Day Evening Thursday 3 October
Anderton Centre Y7 LANGU Monday 7 October
Anderton Centre Y7 TECHK Tuesday 8 October
National Apprenticeship Show Bolton Y10/11 Tuesday 15 October
Post 16 Applications (PSHE) Y10 LANGU Monday 14 October
Post 16 Applications (PSHE) Y10 TECHK Monday 21 October
DW Mock Interview Day Y11 Tuesday 5 November
Year 11 Parents Evening Thursday 7 November
Events for 2020 Date
Whole School Twilight CPD World Careers Week Tuesday 28  January
Careers in the Curriculum – School Department Meetings Tuesday 4 February
STEM Day “Tailored Education” Y8 Thursday 5 March
STEM Day Winstanley College Y10 Friday 13 March
Pre College Taster Day Assembly (All Colleges) Monday 30 March
Wigan & Leigh Taster Day Y10 Monday 22 June
Runshaw Taster Day Y10 Wednesday 24 June
Induction Evening for Parents and Students Y6 Thursday 25 June
St John Rigby College Taster Day Y10 Thursday 25 June
Y6 Taster Day July
Winstanley College Taster Day Y10 Friday 3 July

Contact Information

Email: futuresteam@standishchs.wigan.sch.uk
Address: Standish Community High School, Kenyon Road, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0NX
Phone: 01257 422265