Careers and Work-Related Learning

All year groups have access to Work Related Learning (WRL), Careers and/or Enterprise education.

There is an element of Careers education embedded into PSHE education and WRL for all years, especially at Key Stage 4. We have our own Careers Advice and Guidance Counsellor, Lisa Felgate, who is in school on a Monday and Wednesday and all pupils are welcome to drop in at lunchtime.

Individual half hour confidential careers guidance interviews begin in Year 10 and continue into Year 11. Parents are welcome to attend. Extra events take place at various times throughout the year for all age groups.

Year 7

Enterprise Day forms part of their induction programme where pupils are put into non-friendship groups. It is delivered by an external company called Bright Futures.

Bright Futures Experience and the World of Enterprise

  • Bright Futures’ programmes are designed to excite, inspire and educate young people into improving their futures, improving personal development in line with the ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’ guidelines:
    • Successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens.
  • Their material has been developed to meet the requirements of WRL in the curriculum and they can accommodate ALL mainstream students, right across the ability spectrum.
  • They create a fun, dynamic environment for our students to learn effectively.
  • Their staff take care of everything on the day, leaving our staff free to facilitate.
  • The Department of Education initial guidance on the Entitlement Framework states: “Young people need to be equipped with the skills, understanding, confidence and creativity to make informed choices about their future pathway and working lives.”
  • Bright Futures and The World of Enterprise programmes “kickstart” that process.

The secondary National Curriculum is linked directly to Every Child Matters, enabling all students to meet challenges in the fast-changing world – successful leavers, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Economic Wellbeing, Financial Capability and Personal Wellbeing are also part of the National Curriculum and we have a legal responsibility to provide opportunities for these areas within careers education at Key Stage 3.

Year 9

Similar to Year 7 and also delivered by Bright Futures but the skills that are taught are more advanced and sophisticated. Pupils are again put into non-friendship groups toe encourage them to work with other pupils they do not or would not normally work with.

Year 10

All Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to attend all for main feed colleges – Winstanley, Runshaw, St. John Rigby and Wigan & Leigh. This occurs at the end of the Summer term and pupils are given the choice of subject areas they can sample. They then follow an individual timetable throughout the day.

Year 11

All Year 11 students experience a day at the DW Stadium where they take part in a ‘Skills for Life’ day presented by Bright Futures. They are taught such skills as communication, organisation, budgeting, problem-solving, teamwork, CV authoring and interview technique. These are delivered in an interactive, fun and engaging manner by the presenters. This is delivered within the first 4 weeks of term as part of the introduction to expectations for Year 11 as they prepare for their next step after school.

Pupils had this to say about the day:

  • “DW was an enjoyable day and gave us the experience of looking at jobs.”
  • “I enjoyed the day and I think I have learned a lot about what employers are looking for.”
  • “It was fantastic.”
  • “It was a good day.”
  • “Had a fun day and worked with people I wouldn’t normally work with.”

All Year 11 students also have the opportunity to experience an interview with an employer of their career choice. These interviews are held at the DW Stadium and, as in the “real world”, are given a time and the employer’s name. It is their responsibility to arrive on time, dress appropriately and conduct themselves in the manner required for interviews. They are given comprehensive feedback from the employer which is then discussed with their form tutor.

Pupils had this to say about the day:

  • “It gave me a better idea of how to prepare for an interview.”
  • “Very informative. I learned a lot of things about my chosen career choice.”
  • “It was a fun experience and good practice for the future.”
  • “It was informative and helpful as it showed realistic interview situations.”
  • “I enjoyed dressing up smart and my interview went well.”
  • “I was able to experience an interview environment and know where I can improve for a real interview.”
  • “The interview was a very beneficial experience and I am able to use the skills I learned.”
  • “The quality of the interview was great. The questions were challenging to a degree. I received plenty of career advice, it definitely helped.”
  • “Some of the questions took me out of my comfort zone but this prepares me for a real interview.”

Employer’s comments from the day include:

  • “Very high standard of pupils – excellent!”
  • “Well organised event – pupils are a credit to you.”
  • “Excellent support from Year 10 ambassadors.”

WRL Programme for Key Stage 4

This programme includes Citizenship units as well as Work Related Leaning topics. We use local colleges to deliver part of this programme. It is delivered by form tutors.

Year 10

Topics to include:

  • Financial Capability
  • Enterprise and Fundraising
  • The Community
  • Road Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Media
  • Alcohol and Sexual Health (with Brook sexual health clinic)
  • Apprenticeship guidance
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Expectations at College
  • Applying for college courses
  • Career guidance
  • Road safety

Year 11

Topics to include:

  • CV Writing – All pupils create their own CV, this is then typed up and put in their achievement file).
  • Completing application forms – They complete college forms/work based learning and application forms for the interview conference.
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Personal statements (This is delivered by the English department but typed up in WRL and then placed in their achievement file).
  • Financial capability
  • Rights and Responsibilities at 16
  • Economic Wellbeing