The Curriculum at Standish Community High School

The Curriculum at Standish Community High School is a cornerstone of the work of the school. It functions in harmony with the changes in Teaching and Learning and the Personal Development of all students.

It also underpins the exceptional outcomes that students achieve at the end of Y11 and it supports all learners to become more resilient, more independent and more hardworking.

A strong curriculum should also draw students to it. Hence at SCHS we have strong levels of student attendance, positive behaviour and high levels of student engagement. Similarly high uptake of extra-curricular activities involve students at all levels and in all disciplines. For example as:

  • Reading mentors
  • Sports leaders (gold tie)
  • Peer mentors (blue tie)
  • Bus prefects
  • Subject ambassadors
  • Members of student council
  • Participants in “performance events”
  • Form leaders in charity events
  • Student library leaders
  • Duke of Edinburgh volunteers
  • Prefects / Senior Prefects
  • School ambassadors

The SCHS Curriculum has five key pillars in its vision to develop successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens:

  1. All subjects will have a strong emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills. This will be wide-ranging and not narrowly focused.  It will go deep and stretch pupils’ thinking and understanding. Learning opportunities will be designed to have “stick-ability” and challenge pupils’ effective use of memory.
  2. Assessments will stretch and deepen students’ learning, allowing for repeated opportunities for students to demonstrate retrieval and application of their knowledge. Thinking time will be given, allowing students to become fluent in their subjects and confident in the knowledge that they are acquiring.
  3. Classwork will combine knowledge and skills and where possible, develop a hunger for learning by asking “the big questions”. Appropriate well-planned extra-curricular events and tasks will also contribute to pupils’ sense of curiosity and support them in preparing for the next stage of their lives.
  4. All subjects will focus on and value language and literacy, making strong links between reading and curriculum access. The content of the curriculum will dovetail with themes and events that prepare students for life in 21st century Britain, equipping them with ‘cultural capital’ that will allow all students to be ambitious and believe in their own potential.
  5. All subjects will identify and strategically sequence key aspects of knowledge; ensuring challenge is embedded throughout a student’s 5-year journey, developing character and resilience “en route”.

Our curriculum is reviewed annually around the profile of each cohort of students, without losing sight of the need for a strong foundation around English, maths and the EBACC subjects. 

We are very proud that last year students achieved 117 grade 9s.

Amazingly 227 students out of 246, left with a grade 4 or above in English and 210 left with a grade 4 or above in maths.

98% of SCHS students also stay on in education or employment after KS4.


At SCHS it is our intention that the curriculum fosters a sense of ambition that transcends borders, nationalities and religions. Inherent within this, is an ambition for all students to achieve beyond what they think they are capable of in all aspect of school life.

Curriculum in Action

We offer an outstanding curriculum tailored to students’ needs. This is built around the development of knowledge, skills and understanding, which essentially prepares students for their chosen destinations: college, apprenticeship and indeed future employment.
In addition, we believe our curriculum also develops our students into caring and community-minded members of society who consider the interests of others as well as themselves. Over the five years, our students make considerable strides towards adulthood. We have three key aims for them:

  • To become successful learners
  • To become confident individuals
  • To become responsible citizens

All the decisions taken at our school have these three aims in mind. We want our students to be multi-skilled and successful, problem-solvers, creative thinkers and adaptable learners.

Year 7 and 8

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 study a wide range of core subjects, these include: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French or Spanish, History, Geography, Technology, Computer Science, Art, Music &Drama through Performance, RE and PE. In addition, students also learn about Personal and Social Development and IT skills.

The curriculum journey in each subject covers the content of the national Curriculum. Significant work has been undertaken to ensure that the Year 7 cohort builds on the latest developments in Key Stage 2 and that students start their five year journey with pace, enjoyment, challenge, enthusiasm and breadth of learning.

A series of wider enrichment activities outside of the normal curriculum are also provided. These are intended to enhance the overall learning experience for all students.

Curriculum Model 2019-2020

Subject Year 7 Year 8
Art 1 hour 1 hour
Computer Science 1 hour 1 hour
English 3 hours 3 hours
Geography 1 hour 2 hours
History 1 hour 2 hours
IT Skills 1 hour
Mathematics 3 hours 3 hours
Modern Foreign Language 3 hours 3 hours
Performance 2 hours 1 hour
Physical Education 2 hours 2 hours
PSHE&C 1 hour 1 hour
Religious Education 1 hour 1 hour
Science 3 hours 3 hours

Year 9

Students in Year 9 continue to study a wide range of core subjects at Key Stage 3 covering the National Curriculum and allowing students to experience each subject area in greater depth including: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, either French, Spanish or German, History, Geography, Computer Science, Religious Education, Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Careers Education (PSHE&C) and PE.

At the end of Year 8 students choose one of the following creative subjects to study in more depth in Year 9: Art through Textiles, Graphic Design, Art through Product Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Art, Drama, Performance or Music

Curriculum Model 2019-2020

Subject Year 9
Art through Textiles, Graphic Design, Art through Product Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Art, Drama, Music or Performance 2 hours
Computer Science 1 hour
English 4 hours
Geography 2 hours
History 2 hours
Mathematics 4 hours
Modern Foreign Language 3 hours
Physical Education 2 hours
PSHE&C 1 hour
Religious Education 1 hour
Science 3 hours

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 prepare for public examinations. Most students study GCSE specifications but some students follow BTEC courses or other more vocational type courses. The core curriculum consists of English Language, English literature, Mathematics, Combined Science or Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), a creative subject (Art through Textiles, Graphic Design, Art through Product Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Art, Drama, Performance or Music), Religious Education and a bespoke PSHE&C programme that covers Work related Learning.

In addition, students opt for a further two subjects that will prepare them for their next step after Standish Community High School. Every subject has its own extra-curricular programme designed to provide a wider experience beyond the classroom. Students have the opportunity to excel in the subjects that they study, in a caring yet challenging environment. Each individual is encouraged to reflect on the opportunities that they have in life and to learn a measure of tolerance and understanding of others, as they learn to live in a diverse and digital world.

Curriculum Model 2019-2020

Subjects Year 10 Year 11
English 4 hours 4 hours
Mathematics 4 hours 4 hours
Science 6 hours 6 hours
Design Technology 2 hours 2 hours
Physical Education 1 hour 1 hour
PSHE&C 1 hour 1 hour
Religious Education 1 hour 1 hour
Option A 3 hours 3 hour
Option B 3 hours 3 hour