Accessibility is all about making our website user-friendly to the widest possible audience, such as those with sight impairments or people who find words difficult. There are a few ways you can explore to try and making things easier for you when navigating our website depending on how you’re viewing it whether that be on a Windows PC or iOS on your iPad and iPhone.

On a Computer


Windows has a feature called “Ease of Access” – it guides you through enabling features to make things easier to see or use. You can use the Magnifier to make everything look much larger or turn on high contrast mode so that words and other elements on screen stand out from each other.

Learn more about Ease of Access in Windows (see the section entitled “Ease of Access”):

Don’t know which version of Windows you’re using? Learn more.

I Need to Make Things Bigger

On a Windows PC, you can make text and pictures bigger by:

  1. Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and press ‘+’ to enlarge, or hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and scroll your mouse wheel up.
  2. Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and press ‘-‘ to reduce, or hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and scroll your mouse wheel down.
  3. To reset the page to its original size, hold down ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘0’ (zero).
I Want the Website to Fill My Screen

In most modern internet browsers, you can simply press ‘F11’ on your keyboard to make your internet browser fill your screen. You can press ‘F11’ again to return the browser to a non-fullscreen view.

Apple Devices (Mac OS and iOS)

All modern Apple devices like iPads, iPhones and MacBook laptops have good accessibility options to help users make things easier to see and simpler to use. Apple have made it easy to learn what accessibility options are available for you to use on their support website.

Android Devices

Android devices like Samsung, HTC and Google phones and tablets can be quite different from each other but should feature all the same accessibility options as documented on the official Android Accessibility Help page. There’s also a shorter overview available on Google’s Android accessibility overview page.

I Can’t Find Something on the SCHS Website

We’ve tried to make everything on our website easy to find and use. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try using our Site Map page for an exhaustive list of all the pages (not including news or notices) on our website. A link to the Site Map can be found at the bottom of every page on our website in the footer.