Student Services

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“Welcome to Student Services” booklet

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Pastoral Care: Mr S. Peters
Assistant Headteacher/SENCo: Mrs S. Murray

Access and Support for Learning

Parent Coffee Mornings: Wednesday mornings 9:15 am – 10:45 am

No invitation necessary – any questions, please join us.

The philosophy of Standish Community High School, and the principles by which it operates, centre upon the development of each and every individual pupil.

The school seeks to help each pupil to reach his/her maximum potential.

Should there be a specific individual need, additional support may be sought from our SEND and Student Services team to enhance individuals’ development and potential.

Parents may contribute considerably to their child’s educational development in many ways, for example:

  • By showing interest in the daily experiences of their child.
  • By asking questions about lessons and the work being undertaken.
  • By encouraging participation in extracurricular activities.
  • By providing a suitable environment for homework.
  • By providing help when requested by their child.
  • By involvement in extra support activities.
  • By making it very clear that the aims of the school are supported.
  • By rewarding achievements.
  • By attending Parents’ Evenings and other associated information evenings.

Student Services

Student Services Staff

  • Assistant Headteacher/Head of Pastoral Care
  • Assistant Headteacher/SENCO and Additional Needs
  • 4 HLSAs
  • 5 Level 3 LSAs
  • 5 Level 2 LSAs
  • Outreach Worker
  • Senior Administration Support Officer

Virtual School

Standish Community High School provides for the needs of every pupil to ensure they meet their true potential in the five years they are with us.

Student Services forms part of the Pastoral support in school.  The department has a dedicated building where all students can access confidential support, information and guidance. In addition, it is the hub base for the  Learning Support Assistants who work across the school to support learning and achievement for all.

Students can be referred to Student Services by Teaching Staff, Pastoral Leaders/Curriculum Coordinators, Parent/Carer, Outside Agencies or pupils can self-refer.  The support offered includes:

  • Year 6 Transition – extended transition takes place within Student Services. Pupils will be invited to these specific workshops throughout the summer term.
  • Y7-Y9 STAR groups.  Students attend STAR groups for guidance on building confidence, self-esteem, skills for life, dealing with on-going friendship or bullying issues and general well-being.
  • Positive Behaviour Groups.  These groups complement the school behaviour policy and the work undertaken by the Pastoral Leaders and TESS.  The focus is on coping strategies, anger management and building positive relationships.
  • KS4 Group – The Focus here is on stress management and revision techniques. Student Services staff work closely with parents, relevant teaching staff and the senior leadership team in supporting these students in their final years at the school.
  • One-to-one work – confidential support for students on a range of issues for example:
    • personal family issues
    • self-harm
    • bereavement and loss
  • Student Services staff liaise with appropriate outside agencies in supporting students and families during times of vulnerability.
  • Peer Mentor Scheme – students can become Peer Mentors during Years 8, 9 and 10. Student Services manage this scheme and the relevant training for it across the school.
  • For students with additional needs, the following services are based in Student Services when in school:
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Sensory Support Services
    • EMAS
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Wigan Family Welfare
    • Wigan Careers Service
  • The Learning Support Assistants also use the department to work with students individually or in small groups.

Interventions to support learning and progress are:

  • Social stories
  • Renaissance Place reading programme
  • Literacy and numeracy boosters
  • Art and lego therapy
  • One-to-one Coursework Support
  • Stress therapy
  • Social stories
  • Talking partners
  • Sounds Write programme
  • Independent Dyslexia Learning (IDL) programme
  • An independent study group
  • Enrichment programmes


  • Ms J. Ackers – HLSA
  • Mrs C. Hatton – HLSA
  • Mrs N. Lawrence – HLSA
  • Mrs S. Southern – HLSA
  • Mrs N. Hull – LSA3
  • Mrs M. Pritchard – LSA3
  • Mr T. Rowe – LSA3
  • Mrs M. Walker – LSA3
  • Mrs D. Fairhurst – LSA2
  • Mrs D. Hickman – LSA2
  • Mrs K. Mitchell – LSA2
  • Miss A. Mulvaney – LSA2
  • Mrs L. Taylor – LSA2
  • Miss A. Wilding – LSA2
  • Mr P. West – Attendance/Outreach Officer

Outside Agency Staff

  • Ms Unsworth – Targeted Education Support Service
  • Danny Hall – Wigan Family Welfare Counsellor
  • Kathryn Gibbons – Wigan Careers Service
  • Jane McVeih – School Nurse

The Student Services Hub is also used by outside agencies such as CAMHS, Gateway Service, Health Services, Virtual Schools, and Restorative Solutions.

Interventions to Support Learning and Progress

  • Stress therapy workshops
  • STAR groups
  • Social stories
  • Talking Partners programme
  • Renaissance Place reading programme
  • Literacy and numeracy Interventions
  • Art and Lego therapy
  • One-to-one coursework support
  • Handwriting workshop
  • Independent Dyslexia Learning (IDL) programme
  • Rosetta Stone programme