Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Spending 2016/2017

Year Group Male Female Pupil Premium Total
Year 7 138  99 48 237
Year 8 120 130 46 250
Year 9 138 108 45 246
Year 10 113 111 42 224
Year 11 122 125 38 247
Overall Total 631 573 219  1204


Total No. of Pupils on roll 1204
Total No. of Pupils Eligible for PP 219 (+20 from 2013/14)
Amount of PP Received Per Pupil Ever 6 – £900, Service children – £300, CLAs – £900.00, Children who are adopted – £1900
Total Amount of PPG Received £192,024.00

Attendance of Pupil Premium students against non-PP over the last 3 academic years

Pupil Premium Non-Pupil Premium
Term 1 15/16 94.1% 96.8%
Term 1 14/15 91.5% 95.7%
Term 1 13/14 92.3% 96.1%


Pupil Premium Non-Pupil Premium
Term 2 15/16 94% 96.8%
Term 2 14/15 93.03% 96.2%
Term 2 13/14 92.32% n/a

The Department for Education’s White Paper makes a clear commitment to achieving educational excellence everywhere so that pupils are able to realise their potential irrespective of their background. The Government provide each school with additional funding to support disadvantaged children. Pupil premium covers any student who currently claims or maybe have been registered as having free school meals in the last 6 years or children who have been looked after continuously for a period of six months or a child who has a parent in the armed forces. Additionally, if a student has been adopted from care or who left care under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) on or after 30 December 2005, providing they are recorded on the January 2014 School Census, are also entitled to the additional funding. It is really important that all parents/carers of children eligible for Free School Meals register for them as this creates the additional funding for school allowing us to enrich resources and opportunities even further.

Support can be offered in a variety of means but it must be strategic, evidence based, ambitious and built on an ethos of High Quality Teaching for all. Standish Community High School regularly reviews the effectiveness of the Pupil Premium Strategy and will adopt interventions which offer the greatest impact on learning and progress.

Our school mission statement at Standish Community High School is “Be Outstanding” and this is how we view outcomes for all of our students. We expect all students to reach their potential despite their backgrounds and hold aspirational targets for every student to strive for. As a school we will endeavour to maintain diminishing the difference between all groups of students by addressing individual and group need. Intervention and support can be either unique or universal.

Government policy is that:

“Schools, Head teachers and teaching staff will decide how to use the Pupil Premium allocation, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for individual pupils. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG), allocated to schools is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.”


It will be the responsibility of the Assistant Head Teacher and Business Manager to produce a report for the Head teacher and the Governing body on the evaluation and impact of the provision upon progress, attainment and other measurable outcomes for disadvantaged students.

Pupil Premium Spending 2015/2016

Year Group Male Female Pupil Premium Total
Year 7 121  129 47 250
Year 8 143 107 48 250
Year 9 115 113 47 228
Year 10 122 128 38 250
Year 11 119 131 36 250
Overall Total 620 608 216  1228


Total No. of Pupils on roll 1228
Total No. of Pupils Eligible for PP 216 (+17 from 2013/14)
Amount of PP Received Per Pupil Ever 6 – £900, Service children – £300, CLAs – £900.00, Children who have been adopted – £1900
Total Amount of PPG Received £197,425.00

Pupil Premium Spending 2014/2015

Total number of pupils on roll 1219
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 210 (17.23%)
Amount of PPG received per pupil £935 – Ever 6, £300 – Service children
£900.00 – CLA, £1900 – Children who have been adopted
Total amount of PPG received £189,180.00

Whole school

Year Group Female Male Total
7 105 141 246
8 111 113 224
9 122 126 248
10 130 119 249
11 119 127 246
Overall Total 591 622 1213

Pupil Premium Cohort

Year Group Female Male Total
7 23 25 48
8 20 22 42
9 13 28 41
10 23 18 41
11 16 20 36
Overall Total 95 113 208

Funding Allocation

Ever 6 £935.00 allocation 188 £175,780.00
Services £300.00 allocation 2 £600.00
Adopted £1900.00 allocation 2 £3800.00
CLA £900.00 allocation 10 £9000.00


Term 1 ’14/15 91.5 95.7
Term 1 ’13/14 92.3 96.1
Term 1 ’12/13 n/a n/a


Term 2 ’14/15 93.03 96.2
Term 2 ’13/14 92.32 n/a
Term 2 ’12/13 n/a n/a

Pupil Premium Spending 2013/2014

Please note there are some references to the 2015/16 as not all this academic year’s data has been accumulated yet.

Overview of the school:

Total number of pupils on roll 1210
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 199 (16%)
Amount of PPG received per pupil £900 – FSM, £300 – Service children
Total amount of PPG received £179,100

Whole school:

Year Group Female Male Total
7 108 114 227
8 127 124 251
9 129 120 249
10 122 126 248
11 97 143 240
Overall Total 583 627 1210

Pupil Premium Cohort:

Year Group Female Male Total
7 23 24 47
8 16 29 45
9 20 18 38
10 18 18 36
11 16 17 33
Overall Total 93 106 199

Nature of support for Pupil Premium for 2013-2014

Improvement Initiative Objective Impact
Contribution to AHT salary. Narow the gap of vulnerable groups particularly PP. (ECM.)
  • New systems in place for provision of PP.
  • Self-evaluation audit completed of Areas of Development for PP.
  • Line manages PPM to drive initiatives for this vulnerable group.
  • Analysis of attendance patterns and intervention in place often and regularly.
  • Ensure PP students can access intervention and that they do attend.
Weekly attendance meetings Strategies, actions and targets are discussed and reviewed weekly to improve attendance for PP groups and individuals. Students with attendance below 90% from Oct. 2013:
Y7 – from 6 to 5
Y8 – from 16 to 6
Y9 – from 10 to 5
Y10 – from 14 to 13
Y11 – from 11 to 9
Total students improved – 19/57 up to April 2014
Half-term study support/holiday and after school revision Revision and coursework catch up sessions to ensure that all pupils have every opportunity to succeed in their final GCSE. RAISE online – Nov 2014: Results will be reviewed alongside intervention strategies for the Class of 2014.Previous years the gap is closing in PP v Non PP groups – Value Added – PP 992.4 Non PP – 1006 National VA is 983 – Gap for SCHS = 14 points
Extra teaching group in Years 9, 10, 11 Small group intervention (Wave 1) on targeted students. 12 groups instead of 10 groups introduced. 4 hours curriculum time from September 2014. Improved Core Assessments in Maths – Y9 set 6:3 out of 4 PP students have improved attainment from September to April 2014.
Off-site provision Education provision for pupils who access a personalised curriculum tailored to their individual needs. 6 students at KS4 access personalised intervention to accommodate individual needs linked to emotional and academic progress.
Whole School Staff CPD Raising awareness of PP students and offering support of “quick wins” in the classroom. Quality First Booklet Shared. Flyer around classroom strategies distributed for planners. PP Register prepared and shared. Audit completed – improved additional classroom practice in one term.
Parental Engagement Network Regional network where PPMs meet to share good practice around “hard to reach” parents. New strategies shared to introduce at SCHS. Offsite venues for meetings to avoid parents becoming anxious about attending school.
Teaching & Learning Literacy/Numeracy Coordinator Champions of literacy and numeracy lead initiatives across the curriculum using strategies to support students to raise attainment in Literacy and Numeracy. Maths ambassadors- (44 PP students nominated) opportunity for students to lead learning in the area of numeracy. Year 10 PP Students are involved in Paired Reading intervention for Year 7.
Renaissance Reading Programme Accelerated reading programme to help improve individual reading ages and inference of texts. 22/46 Year 7 PP students who have accessed additional support with reading have improved their reading age from September to April.
Year 11 Intervention sessions To provide tailored support for pupils to raise attainment in English/Maths. Including additional hours/day support to improve coursework.
  • 16/33 PP students have accessed additional support for English.
  • 25/33 PP students have accessed additional support for Maths.
  • 13/33 students have accessed additional support in RE.
  • 6 PP students have accessed additional support Media, Graphics, HSC.

Updates on attainment published in Aug. 2014.

Raise Your Game A project is decided and planned packed with literacy and numeracy underpinning the work but related the topics to everyday life to maintain engagement for all.
  • 4 students involved
  • One student moved up a set in Maths
  • Two students improved in English between grade trawls
  • One student improved in confidence and basic literacy and numeracy
Pupil Progress Mentor- new appointment Additional post introduced to track and know the context of every PP student and implement necessary intervention and incentives for these students.
  • Improved provision for this vulnerable group
  • Each Year has experienced at least one aspirational wider opportunity
  • Attendance is improving for this vulnerable group
  • Profile of this group is acknowledged by all staff
  • Registers for PP group is shared with all staffs
Inclusion Keyworker appointed Key worker appointed to work on a one to one with our disaffected PP boys. Key role model for them developing motivation and aspirations about school.
  • Anticipated impact
  • Targeted support to secure individual progress
  • Currently at a very early stage
Careers advice/service Prioritise appointments ensuring that Pupil Premium pupils make appropriate choices for KS5 and are given advice and support concerning their future. Increased motivation to apply for Further and Higher education. All but 2 Pupil Premium students have completed applications for colleges or apprenticeships. Pupils who are NEETS have had home visits by Wigan Careers Service.
TESS worker Additional inclusion support for students who have social and emotional issues. 1 to 1 interviews/counselling sessions offered to help modify the student’s actions. 8 students have been mentored by our TESS worker over different periods and 6 have made improvements in reducing sanctions and incidents in school.

Pupil 1 – 2 to 0
Pupil 2 – 8 to 0
Pupil 3 – 11 to 5
Pupil 4 – 8 to 5
Pupil 5 – 26 to 2
Pupil 6 – 11 to 2

In School Counsellor Service (Wigan Family Welfare) Counsellor based in SCHS for students to access when referred. PP students are given priority to this service. 6 PP students have access this support this academic year.
DW Stadium visit. Work Related Learning. Each PP student had an additional support meeting from SLT to check preparations for this event. 11 pupils did not attend last year. All pupils interviewed by SLT attended the enrichment day. 2 pupils who had long-term absence record were not interviewed and did not attend.
Additional capacity in Learning Mentors Mentors are employed to work closely with pupils. This involves either academic or pastoral mentoring.
  • STAR Group: 26 PP students access STAR group to focus on skills for life in a small group setting. The STAR Group meet on a weekly basis.
  • 12 students have 1 to 1 mentoring support in addition to the STAR group.
  • Perceived impact- building confidence to secure progress. Initial analysis and review of intervention to be introduced.
  • CLA students have a nominated worker to focus solely on the provision within school and to coordinate and contribute to PEPs.
Pupil Support (including trips) Barriers are removed to support pupils with their academic achievements to purchase uniform, textbooks, equipment and other essentials. Individual discussions are held with our students to remove barriers to learning.
Pupil Premium Summer School The Summer School will run for Year 6 Pupil Premium Students who are new to Standish Community High School. The Summer School will last for 4 days and will take place in August 2014 for the first time. Formal evaluation to be confirmed after the event.
Year 7 Residential/Ingleton Falls Walk Year 7 attended a weekend trip to develop aspirations, teamwork and social skills. A variety of activities with a difference were part of the programme. 26/42 PP pupils accessed the extra-curricular activities with some of the costing support by school.
Key 103 Bus 60 Y7 and Y8 students took part in an aspirational workshop with Key 103 staff experience a range of technologies to develop Podcasts. Individual pupil feedback was positive. 56/60 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would be keen to complete further workshops with the team.
Youth Zone visit Drawing from our pupil voice survey, this visit is to help change attitudes to school and life to a more positive experience. The students attend the Youth Zone and undergo a variety of activities, working in a group facing different challenges. Individual pupil feedback was/is positive and a number of pupils attend the Youth Zone in their own time which was also part of the aim of the “in the school” visit.4/16 currently have memberships access the Zone regularly outside school. On-going evaluations from this.
Access: Outdoor Adventure – 1 day experience Year 9 working with Access Outdoor Adventure to enrich and develop skills for life using outdoor pursuits. Some students may take part in Duke of Edinburgh Award in Year 10. Impact to follow after the event.
Analysis/Data Trawls Once a term Grade Trawls are analysed and publicised to staff to raise awareness of pupils’ achievement and attainment in individual subjects, attendance and underachieving in 5 or more subjects. The latter would trigger intervention or further investigation for the student. Students numbers underachieving in 5 or more subjects.

Year GT1 GT2
7 9 9
8 21 22
9 5 9
10 18 15

To remain a priority focus.

P.A.S.S. (Pupils attitudes of self and school) survey This highlights pupils’ views of school and themselves. Evidence from the survey suggested that PP pupils were unsure of their futures and expectations of them.
Maths Christmas Booster Revision Programme – (SLT Support) Revision catch up sessions to ensure that all pupils have every opportunity to succeed in their final GCSE Maths exam. Updates on attainment published in Aug. 2015.

The following results are taken from Raise Online and show attainment of Pupil Premium students over the last 3 years. The gap is stable but is on an increasing trend when analysing 5 A* to C including English and Maths.

Class of 2012 – 5 A* to C incl. English and Maths

All 253 85%=215 Gap (38)
Pupil Premium 28 71%=21 Gap (7)
Non-Pupil Premium 225 86%=194 Gap (31)

Class of 2013 – 5 A* to C incl. English and Maths

All 248 83%=206 Gap (42)
Pupil Premium 18 50%=9 Gap (9)
Non-Pupil Premium 230 74%=197 Gap (33)

Class of 2014 – 5 A* to C incl. English and Maths

All 239 71%=170 Gap (69)
Pupil Premium 33 36%=13 Gap (20)
Non-Pupil Premium 206 76%=157 Gap (49)

As a school, we will strive to maintain our closing of the gap between all groups of students and as a result of the data shown above we will continue to focus on our Pupil Premium students to allow them every opportunity to succeed.