About Us

A Message from the Headteacher


Mr A. Pollard

On behalf of the governors, staff and students, may I thank you for considering Standish Community High School as the next school for your child’s education.

At Standish we are committed to the highest levels of academic achievement, personal growth and lifelong fulfilment. As Headteacher, I am privileged to lead a team of skilful teachers and members of support staff who are highly professional and equally ambitious for all students irrespective of background or ability. The impressive results this summer bare testament to the commitment of all members of staff to ‘go the extra mile’ with students.

I believe that the very high levels of attainment and progress that are achieved each year is a clear demonstration of the many successful and professional relationships in school. It is the belief in the focus on ‘every student, every subject and every grade’ that lies at the heart of our ambitions to meet the particular needs of every individual.

Over the five years our students make considerable strides towards adulthood. Three chief aims we have are for them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. All decisions we make as a school have those aims in mind. We want our students to be multi-skilled and successful problem solvers, creative thinkers and adaptable learners.

We are proud of the curriculum we offer. It is built around the development of knowledge, skills and understanding, which is preparation for promising destinations at college, apprenticeship or future employment. In addition, we believe our curriculum also develops our students into caring and community-minded members of society who look to the interests of others as well as themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about Standish Community High School. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. You may also be interested in a personal guided tour. This can be arranged when you contact the school.

Vision and Values

“My children have been very happy at Standish High. The staff see the students as individuals and care that each one achives the best they can in every subject.”


Our Vision

We seek to be recognised as a school that secures excellence in academic achievement, personal growth and professional development. We focus on the needs of the individual through a commitment to every student, every subject and every grade.We believe that there should be no ceiling on ambition and that potential can be realised in all our students, irrespective of background or ability. We aspire to place a deep sense of care and support at the heart of our school.

Our Aims

  • To ensure our students become conscientious and resilient so that they thrive as learners
  • To prepare students for 21st century adulthood through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • To be recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching and learning
  • To flourish as an inclusive school that prepares our students to be responsible citizens
  • To ensure that all pastoral structures and systems of support are designed to help students be confident with high self-esteem
  • To recognise leadership at all levels and across all areas of school life
  • To equip our students to have the skills and emotional intelligence to be able to adapt or succeed in an ever-changing society

“Standish is a welcoming, happy school for pupils and parents and encourages all the children to set their aspirations high. The dedication of the teaching staff, and fantastic organisation has allowed these targets to be met and often exceeded throughout the school, ensuring that pupils have a very bright future ahead of them.”