Mrs Barker was delighted to receive NCB (National Children’s Bureau) Wellbeing Award for Schools for the work that the school has done in putting the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of its staff and students at the forefront of everything they do. The award, given after a verification inspection was undertaken in December of 2019, recognises the work the school does in making wellbeing “an integral component of the school ethos”.

Standish have made wellbeing a whole-school priority for the last few years, organising a school committee who have planned a huge range of activities to promote the happiness, health and productivity of staff and pupils alike. So whether it was the Year 7 students walking the Golden Mile around the school buildings, people completing the monthly school wellbeing calendar or staff taking part in after-school activities such as running, meditation and even cooking classes – there has been a real sense of the whole community getting involved.

The report highlights several areas that particularly impressed the inspector – such as the work the Futures Team does in getting the children planning for further education and the world of work as well as the school’s the wellbeing journal that allow Y7s to build self-esteem and confidence as they make the transition to secondary school. It was also mentioned how the school has “a resolute sense of moral purpose and commitment to continue to improve things still further, although the levels of excellence already achieved will make some of this hard to identify and achieve”. High praise indeed!

Mrs Barker was delighted with the outcome of the report and is planning to proudly display the award in the main school corridor. “It’s a testament to the work of a whole host of colleagues that we have already achieved as much as we can,” she remarked. “And I’m excited to see what new innovations the wellbeing team will come up with in the future!”

The full report can be downloaded below.

Standish Community High School Final Verification 061219 Well-being