On Thursday 9th January, 70 students from our school attended the first session of the WAY programme. Each student was able to choose their pathway of choice at the launch event and on Thursday started their project in that subject. Once we arrived at St John Rigby College we were greeted with refreshments before being shown to our classrooms. I chose the pathway A Business Through Social Media and really enjoyed my first session. We played a logo guessing game, discussed famous business people and what was needed for a successful business and started thinking about initial thoughts for our, soon to be made, social media pages. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the experience of meeting new people (many who had no friends in the same pathway as them), getting to know them and being able to help them with ideas.

Lucy – Year 9

The Futures team are thrilled with how many of our hard working students have seized this fantastic opportunity offered by St John Rigby College and look forward to seeing the skills they develop and the how their projects progress throughout their sessions at St John Rigby.