On Wednesday 4th of December and Thursday 5th December students in year 9 attended a visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

We started off the day with a short tour of the Museum looking at the WW II exhibitions and the other displays such as Women in War, The Holocaust and the Cold War. The museum even had its very own Nuclear Bomb (disarmed of course!)

Then we got split into groups; took part in a workshop all about different people who lived through World War II and documented their stories. Some of them included Hitler’s Youth organisations, how families were split up during the war and even the discrimination of the Jews and other classes.

We found the best part of the trip was being able to understand a small snippet of history and how the unappreciated people of the past played a vital role in how society has evolved. We also thoroughly enjoyed the session with the artefacts to figure out what life was like for the people we learnt about.

We recommend this visit to any Year 9 students looking for an opportunity to develop learning and really gain a passion for History as we personally attained answers for our pending questions we didn’t even realise we had.

By Hannah W and Charlotte C (Year 9)

The TECHK students had the extra bonus of the opportunity to interview and talk to World War Two Veteran, Dougie Fletcher! This was a fascinating opportunity to students to hear about when he was shot in the leg at D Day, and had to apply his own dressings, and how he went for a week without food whilst waiting for reinforcements at the Battle of the Bulge. Students were enthralled by his stories and it really put into perspective the realities of war and how important it was for Dougie to be able to retell his stories. As staff, we were amazed by the detail and the presentations that the students created in the workshops, a testament to their positive behaviour and role models for the school.

We would like to thank all students and staff who helped make this a fantastic two days for the students!

Mr Brien, Miss Reardon, Mr Crosbie and Miss Hale