On the 14th of November, 46 Year 11 students headed down to Birmingham to watch an evening performance of An Inspector Calls. This was a great opportunity for the students to see the play they had been studying ahead of their English Literature exam, giving them in-depth knowledge and a new perspective on the show.

For us, undeniably, the standout performer was the Inspector (played by Liam Brennan), who offered an alternative take on his character of a frustrated and bitter representative of the working class – whilst also introducing us to elements of sarcasm and humour throughout the play. In addition to this, Ian MacNeil’s set design gave a unique, never before seen take on the Birling house – with the physical state of the house representing the state of the family with it literally getting blown apart as the Inspector leaves – just as the family‘s feeling of invincibility and arrogance has been taken with him.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational evening, which – in the words of Mrs Christopherson – was “an exemplary performance which will prove to be very beneficial to the students’ studies”.

Only time will tell how the exams go, but the students are feeling unsinkable as they sail closer to their exams!

Article written by Callum, Katie, Katie and Olivia