Last year was a record-breaking success for Standish Community High School’s wildly popular reading competition, The Super League Reading Challenge, with an unprecedented 94 students in Years 7 and 8 reading over a million words over the year. The children – who read regularly in English lessons, form periods and at home – get a series of rewards to celebrate their passion for books. From good notes, sweets and chocolates, class rewards, all the way up to the coveted weekly dinner pass, the children are constantly encouraged to read often and read widely. Their totals are recorded by successfully quizzing on the books they’ve read and the league tables reveal the top readers in every class.
As well as the phenomenal number of millionaires, a special well done must be given to the top readers in Year 7 and Year 8: Joseph, Carla, Hermione and Isaac all read between 3 and 7 million words to come top of the pile. Mrs Christopherson, Head of English, said, “We’re so proud of all the students – we all really love reading here at Standish and it’s great to see the children joining in too. It’s such a wonderful achievement – and the bar has been set really high for this year’s readers!”