My year 9 English class were tasked with writing a poem for homework highlighting environmental issues.  I was amazed at the overall quality of writing that was produced – we have some talented pupils at SCHS.  However, Sarah Hardman’s poem particularly impressed me.  It is amazing!  So much so, it really deserves to be read by a wider audience.   Please take time to read it and enjoy.

Mrs Nicholson (English)


A Fallen Empire

I was your kingdom, your empire.

You prospered within the walls

of my grand mountains;

deep in the castles

you called caves,

you built your colonies

and carved your stories into stone.

You discovered fire

and struck an everlasting flame

such that the Earth you walked

would never again be the same.


I was your angel, your protector.

My oaks were your guardians,

my cedars your knights;

my orchids bloomed and fed you

and my rivers flowed and quenched you.

I blessed you with fauna and flora

whose magnificence surpassed imagination.

My calming oceans that stretched

and touched the horizons

offered you the motivation of curiosity

to discover New Worlds.

You uncovered the elements,

pondered upon the atom,

as you remained enamoured

by the beauty of my mystery.


But your greed overtook your gratitude.

You stopped praying before each meal

and  instead devoured junk like crows,

soon demanding the next course.


You burned my groves and forests to their grounds

then clogged their graves with waste.

You shot my children from their trees

whilst they sung their lullabies

purely to entertain.

Pouring your poisons into my streams

you merely gazed

as my pure waters turned to filthy murk.


My seas that once inspired

became your dumping ground.

Nature’s song became to you

A  foreign, distant sound.


Here I lie defeated

my flesh bleeding and burned

the ruins of a prosperous land.

I offered a throne

that  for you could not suffice

now empty and bloody are your hands.

Sarah Hardman



Fallen Earth

Our Earth is severely damaged

Maybe even beyond repair.

Pumping all these greenhouse gases

Into the atmosphere.


We feel the need to dump our plastic

In places it does not belong.

In oceans, fields, woods and trees

And yet we fail to see our wrongs.


We have damaged the ozone layer,

It is in a state of disrepair.

Yet us as society

Don’t really seem to care.


We watch our Earth fall to pieces,

From its former greatness.

Whilst we just sit and watch

Acting like we are blameless.

Alisdair Thompson


The Jaguar’s story

My home is rich and tasteful

It rises up four floors

With shallow streams and sunlight beams

seeping from its pores


The coolest dampest waters

Are placid treasure troves

You might find snakes intertwined

Among the black mangroves


Along the trees the ferns and vines

Grow lush, lissom, live

Crawling ivy up the bark

A tree frog here could thrive


Hummingbirds soar up above

The shaded canopy

Sloths seek rest by orchid beds

Or swing from tree to tree


Jaguars and ocelots

Prowl the mossy floor

And In the sky the toucans fly

Among the blue macaws


My home is shared by animals

Insects crawl and loom

Plants here peak and birds seek

The flowers sweet perfume


We used to live together

But now we live in fear

The trees are few and far apart

The birds are hard to hear


The air is getting thinner

Now the trees are not around

The snakes and sloths and ocelots

Are nowhere to be found


My home has been destroyed now

Reduced to old tree stumps

And the only green left on the scene

Is cash in stacks and lumps.


By Scarlette