Just before the Christmas break some of our students were getting ready to wow audiences with their production of The Wizard of Oz and most of you will be familiar with the story of Dorothy Gale.

When a tornado rips through Kansas, Dorothy is whisked away in her house to the enchanted Land of Oz. Along the way she finds unexpected friendship and reaffirms her love for family and home.
Students and staff worked tirelessly to bring the story to life and under direction, the cast, crew and orchestra worked solidly to produce a fantastic spectacle! For three nights the sports hall was transformed into a theatre space and filled with song and dance as ‘Dorothy and her friends’ made their way along the yellow brick road.

Violet (Dorothy), Jack (Scarecrow), Katie (Tinman) and Molly (Lion) led the cast brilliantly with their superb characterisation, filling the stage with their characterful personalities. Boos rang out every time Eve appeared (Wicked Witch) adding to the wonderful atmosphere and engagement in the room. The entire cast stepped up and was able to shine on each and every night.

The Orchestra, led on keys by Mrs Watson, played such a vital role in instilling mood and atmosphere and accompanying the vocalists. Throughout the rehearsal period students were committed to learning the difficult music (some off by heart) and all gelled so well as an ensemble. Everyone was so professional!!

The performance was a wonderful example of our talented students and is yet another example of why Standish Community High School is such a fantastic school.

Every night was a huge success leaving all involved feeling proud, elated and ready for Christmas.

We look forward to the next show…coming soon!

Miss K. Gannon