Several Year 8 students have worked together to produce a piece of Artwork that is now installed at the end of “The Line” in Standish.

The Standish Mineral Line was originally a railway track used to transport minerals away from the mines. At the end of last year the line was fully upgraded from the muddy track it had become to a surfaced and lit bridleway to help provide an alternative way for local people to walk or cycle to and from Standish town centre.

Before Christmas, we met with the 3 Standish Primary schools, Wigan Council and contractors Dowhigh to discuss ideas and plan the Artwork. We decided that each school should tell a different part of the line’s story with their art installations; we were inspired by what the line looks like now.

On Wednesday 27th February we met with staff and pupils from the other schools involved, along with David Molyneux, Wigan Council Leader and Dowhigh contractors to see the work fully installed and displayed. It is situated at the Standish centre end of the line, behind Aldi.

We were presented with a framed version and a large board of the students’ Artwork which will displayed in school. It was a lovely opportunity to contribute to a community project and see such talented students show off their skills!

Mr M. Aitchison
(Head of Art)