We have been made aware of a new game on the internet called the Momo Challenge. The game can be accessed via several social media platforms and games sites where participants contact the character Momo and are then told to do a series of challenges, with the final challenge allegedly being suicide.

It conceals itself within videos played by children on YouTube or on downloaded games such as Fortnite. When downloaded, it asks the user to communicate with ‘Momo’ via popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

There have been widespread media reports that it is at this point that young people are threatened that they will be cursed or their family will be hurt if they do not self-harm or perform potentially dangerous acts.

Pupils will be warned of the dangers of such challenges through form-time and asked not to search ‘Momo’ at school as this could lead to further sanctions. Please could you speak with your child about the dangers associated with this type of social media.

You can help to keep your child safe by making sure they know that they should not be trying to contact strangers via social media platforms and instant messaging apps. It could be useful to show them how to enable privacy settings and disable location sharing so that they know how to protect themselves from scams.

More information can be found here: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/resources/platform-guides/momo-online-safety-guide-for-parents/