In September when Dr Grundy met his Y7 English class for the first time he didn’t realise that together they would become one of the best sets of readers Standish CHS had seen.
By October half term 7L1 already had more than 12 millionaires (students that had read a million words or more) and the rest were close behind. As an added incentive Dr Grundy decided to bet the class that they couldn’t reach 35 million words collectively by Christmas. How wrong he was!

7L1 decided that no matter what Dr Grundy would lose the bet and have to complete the forfeit of being dressed as a book character for a whole lesson.

By Christmas the class had exceeded the target and read more than 36 million words, here are the pictures that Dr Grundy hoped would never be seen.

Oompa Lumpa Grundy you were great!