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We would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2018 for their outstanding performance in this year’s GCSE examinations, resulting in the school’s best ever GCSE results.

The results announced today are testament to the individual dedication, resilience and continuous hard work of our Year 11 students. Likewise, the unwavering professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by our teaching and support staff has ensured that all our students achieve and, in some cases, surpass the targets they have been set.

The outstanding performance of Year 11 students in their examinations has resulted in an incredible number of students achieving exceptionally well on the reformed GCSEs which are Graded 9-1 instead of A*-G, with 9 the highest GCSE grade and a Grade 4 equivalent to a Grade C.

Our class of 2018 achieved a phenomenal 85% Grade 9-4 in English and maths, which reflects 95% Grade 9-4 in English and 86% Grade 9-4 in maths. We have also increased the percentage of students who have achieved “strong passes” in English and maths (86% Grade 9-5 in English and 69% Grade 9-5 in maths). The strong pass has been defined as “an ambitious benchmark used to measure the performance of schools – comparable with the strongest performing education systems.” We look forward to our outstanding student outcomes being scrutinised against other high performing schools and academies nationally.

In amongst this outstanding overall picture of success, several individual subject areas are able to boast outstanding attainment at Grade 9-4: biology 98%, chemistry 100%, physics 100%, drama 100%, French 98%, art 100%, food tech 98%, English literature 93%, digital photography 91%, RE 93%, ICT 95% (A*-C),  media studies 91% (A*-C) , textiles 94% (A*-C)  and Health and Social Care 100% (A*-C).

There have been many exceptional performances and much to be pleased about. Special mention should be given to the students who collectively achieved 98 Grade 9s across all subjects. The Grade 9 was designed to distinguish excellence amongst the very best students in the entire country – with approximately only 2% of the national cohort achieving the grade. Even more impressively, two students this year have achieved a Grade 9 in each and every one of their subjects – a truly remarkable achievement that clearly reflects an unstinting dedication to learning.

Standish Community High School Head of School Lindsay Barker said:

I am thrilled that our students rose to the challenge of tougher GCSE examinations with such determination, resilience and self-motivation to succeed in all GCSE subjects. Our Class of 2018 tackled the challenges and changes head on and this has resulted in outstanding results for our students. Not only do they represent outstanding individual targets being met or exceeded, but they also give our students opportunities to continue with their ambitions and personal goals going forward. I am delighted for the members of staff, who have provided many hours of additional academic support and pastoral care in order to provide all our students with the dedicated support to achieve their very best. Staff have worked tirelessly with students developing their confidence, resilience and self-belief. I am equally delighted for the Governors and parents with our achievements this year. I hope everyone at Standish Community High School is able to celebrate our best ever results and share in our successes.”

Standish Community High School would like to record their sincere thanks to the parents of the Class of 2018 for their continued support over the last five years. The success of this cohort of students clearly reflects the accomplishments of a collaborative commitment made by students, staff, parents and Governors.


There were a number of notable successes in this year’s results, and some are detailed below:

Name GCSE Achievements
Scarlett Lowe 9 Grade 9s, 1 A*
Eve Lowton 9 Grade 9s, 1 A*
Grace Sutton 8 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s
Joseph Roberts 6 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7
Henry Gallagher 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7, 1 A*
Niamh Langton 5 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7, 1 A*
Katie Bennett 4 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7, 2 A*s
Jennifer Newman 4 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 1 A*
Rebecca Johnson 4 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 1 A*
Josh Collier 2 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s
Jonathan Djali 1 Grade 9, 6 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 1 A
Sam Flemming 2 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s, 1 A
Beth Banks 2 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s, 1 Grade 6, 1 A
Charlotte Bingham 2 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 5 Grade 7s, 1 A
Yasmine Brownlow 3 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 2 Grade 6s, 1 A
Shannon Scott 2 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s, 1 Grade 6
Jennifer Eatock 2 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 3 Grade 7s, 2 Grade 6s
Charlotte Russell 2 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s
Caitlin Harris 1 Grade 9, 4 grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s, 1 Grade 6
Lachlan Davison 1 Grade 9, 4 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 2 Grade 6s
Isobel Hart 1 Grade 9, 3 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 3 Grade 6s, 1 A
Eleanor Tinsley 1 Grade 9, 2 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s, 4 Grade 6s, 1 A
Chloe Barton 4 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s, 1 Grade 6, 1 A*
Alyssa Hill 4 Grade 8s, 4 Grade 7s, 1 Grade 6, 1 A*