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Top of the TOPS

Teachers couldn’t have been prouder upon hearing that two students at Standish, Eve Lowton and Deputy head girl Scarlett Lowe, completed the unprecedented feat of achieving Grade 9s in every subject they studied this year. For the very first time, students around the country have sat a full range of newly reformed GCSEs that are graded 9 – 1 rather than A* – G. This means that for each subject only around 2% of the country will achieve the elusive Grade 9. Given how hard it has proved to achieve even one Grade 9, Eve and Scarlett’s amazing results – an astonishing 9 Grade 9s in the 9 subjects they each sat – is truly special. To top things off, both girls also sat one other GCSE that is still graded under the old system of A* – G. Their result? Both girls achieved an A* in that examination too! Mrs Barker, Standish’s Head of School, remarked, “At Standish we are used to celebrating success and seeing children achieving amazing things both inside and outside of the classroom but Eve and Scarlett’s achievements really are exceptional. We are absolutely delighted for them both!”