Following a very hot college taster day at Runshaw College, 8 year 10 gifted and talented academics stayed on to take part in the high school equivalent of ‘University Challenge’. Standish entered two teams this year, team 1 led by Amy with Jake, Liam and Lydia and team 2, led by Phoebe along with Jodie, Louise and Jessica.

Standish had a fantastic start to the event for both teams, going unbeaten in the early rounds. This continued through the knock out stages and it quickly became apparent that Standish’s toughest test to come would be the other Standish team. The inevitable happened and Standish 1 were against Standish 2 in the final, Standish 2 had a brilliant start and led 60 points – 20 points early on, however the general knowledge of Standish 1 rose to the fore as they caught and passed Standish 2 to become the overall winners.

Well done to Amy, Jake, Lydia and Liam for a well deserved victory and crowned Standish CHS the high school, ‘College University Challenge Champions’ for 2018.