Myself, Miss Dickinson, Ms Simms-Crewe and Mr Sullivan took 39 pupils to the Château de Grande Romaine Paris.

We arrived at the château on Friday evening after an epic coach journey from school.  On Saturday morning, we boarded the coach after a delicious French breakfast. First, we visited the quaint market town of Melun were the pupils had a chance to browse the fantastic market-stalls. They were given the task, working in groups, of buying their own lunch, which had to be healthy – and of course the more French they spoke the more points their team received.

We then returned to the château where the pupils prepared some interesting dishes – some of which would give Master-Chef contestants a run for their money. However, some were a little less appetising!!!  In the afternoon we had a chance to visit a hypermarket and then we made our way to the snail farm.  This was certainly a unique experience and the owner was a little eccentric and really passionate about his snails! In the evening, the pupils had the opportunity to swim in the outdoor pool, make pancakes and take part in various sporting activities.

On Sunday, we made our way to Disneyland Paris and we were first in the queue for the Disney Studios.  Most pupils went on some of the big rides such as The Tower of Terror or The Crush Coaster and even the teachers dared to go on the rides. In the afternoon, we went to the main park and had a truly magical day.  In the evening, after snail tasting, there was more swimming and some pupils even braved the disco.

On the Monday we travelled back to Wigan. A great time was had by all and hopefully the pupils all got something out of sampling various aspects of French life and culture. Thanks to all the staff who gave up their time and thanks to the pupils who were a credit to themselves, their parents and the school.


Mrs Lea