World Maths Week commencing 12th March until the 16th March.

Students will have the opportunity to practise and show off their mathematical skills in a variety of new, out-of-classroom experiences. We will be running a number of maths trials around school, daily interactive challenges and an online challenge for both students and parents to try.

Sessions will also be run on site by a number of external agencies: for example, AS CREATIVES will be delivering a cryptology session around the reading and writing of codes, work inspired by Alan Turing during WWII. In addition, a lecturer from John Rigby College will be delivering a CIS session, offering the students a chance to get hands on and link their maths skills with science understanding.

There will be a group of year 9 students attending the Jaguar Land Rover factory, giving them an insight into one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and the career opportunities they offer. And finally, on the 14th March, actual Pi day, there will be a lovely delivery of locally baked pies for Standish Community High School to sample. Keep your eye on the website for more details.