Dig down into the wonderful headline figures from Standish this year and you will discover some truly inspiring stories of pupils who have achieved success that not only shows their dedication and hard work, but their determination and ability to overcome anything put in their way. Sam Green is celebrating being one of the most successful students in the year group, achieving 2 Grade 9s and a Grade 8 in the new, toughened-up GCSEs for English and maths and 7 A*s in his other subjects; all this despite missing large chunks of Y11 due to illness. The school is also delighted with the successes of Caitlyn Saddington, who has achieved 5 GCSEs including two Grade 6s in the new English and maths GCSEs, and Joseph Sharples-Lowe, who achieved 9 GCSEs including 6 As or Grade 7s. Megan Hargreaves and Ella Dickinson have also achieved 10 As and A*s between them, as well as both achieving 2 Grade 8s each. These students have all demonstrated tremendous levels of resilience and perseverance in their five year journey at Standish and there were tears of joy all round – staff, parents and children alike – as the students received their well-earned results.